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Tailored missions at each level of the decision-making process.

Lichen Health aims to link different actors from different culture and approaches.

The linkage will help develop disruptive innovations responding to current major issues while being more inclusive.
Putting patients and healthcare professionals at the heart of the process.


Define the target market

Lichen Health helps you figure out the insights and the needs of the various players in the complex health ecosystem.

  • What are the unmet medical needs?
  • What are Patients and Healthcare Professionals’ expectations?
  • Which Therapeutic Area to target?
  • How to maximize the value of the project in line with the expectations of potential partners and investors?

Testing the viability and robustness of the Business Model

Lichen Health brings a fresh perspective, challenges the business plan, analyses the risks and opportunities to maximize the impact of the project while remaining aligned with the initial ambition of the CEO.

  • What are the drivers for the solution adoption by healthcare professionals and patients?
  • What is the strategic positioning of the solution in its competitive environment?
  • Analysis of the identified usages relevance
  • What is the market access strategy?

Developing strategic collaborations

Lichen Health relies on its network of KOLs, hospital and academic experts, decision-makers and investors to develop your partnerships (licensing agreements, research collaborations, co-development, business agreements…).

  • How do I target and approach a potential partner?
  • What is the right timing to initiate discussions?
  • What is the goal?
  • What are the potential synergies?
  • What regulations and constraints should be taken into account?
  • How to negotiate well?

Strengthening the scientific value of the solution

Lichen Health offers a comprehensive technico-medical evaluation of the project.

  • What is the target population?
  • What evidence-based strategy should be put in place?
  • What data are expected?
  • For what clinical relevance?
  • How to identify clinician experts and convince them to participate in the clinical experimentation of the project?

Operational support to the CEO

Lichen Health provides a day-to-day operational support to the CEO of start-up to develop its innovation project.
For a sustainable development goal, Lichen Health can support you in a social entrepreneurial approach and help you define your mission that will guide your actions. For entrepreneurs who do this, it is a source of motivation and personal development.

  • Business Development Activity
  • Establish a concrete, lucid roadmap and objectives that are consistent with the business strategic plan.
  • Apply these objectives to the organization, implement a performance and monitoring plan
  • Support for a deal, helping to negotiate collaboration with hospitals, academics and pharma industry
  • Prepare for the Investor Pitch
  • Prepare for the Partner Pitch
  • Define your social / societal mission

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