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Innovation for all health actors

As health stakeholders, you want to develop services or products to improve the day-to-day user experience and make the healthcare system evolve, Lichen Health provides you with concrete, realistic solutions suited to your needs.
The support provided by Lichen Health is strongly rooted in the values of humanity, transparency and ethics.


Innovation Hubs

Whether you are a Startup Incubator, a Startup Accelerator or an Innovation Lab, Lichen Health brings you its expertise to boost and expand the growth potential of a startup. A tailored-made coaching and personalized mentoring program help startups deal with new growth issues by giving them the right advices to strengthen their foundations.

  • Validation of the Business Model
  • Collaborations with Pharma Corporates
  • Fund-raising assistance

Latest Achievements with Innovation Hubs:

  • 2 Lean Factory projects carried out up to prototyping with Schoolab
  • Member of the selection committee of the iPEPS incubator of the Brain Institute (ICM) in Paris
  • Member of the scientific committee of the Paris’ Biocluster Medicen



Investment Funds

You are a Private Equity actor, a Seed Fund or a Venture Capital Fund, Lichen Health brings you its expertise to boost the development of digital health startups.

  • Assistance on Technical and Strategic evaluations during the Due-Diligence process
  • Structuring the first steps of the company up to the Go-to-market (Operating Partner)
  • Tailored technical and operational support for portfolio’s company
  • Mission of Business Development to develop collaboration with Pharma Corporate

Latest Achievements with Private Equity partners:

  • Member of the Strategic Investment Committee of InnoBio Funds, managed by Bpifrance (Biotechs & Medtechs)
  • Member of the Strategic Investment Committee of the Patient Autonome Funds, managed by Bpifrance (DeepTech & e-Health)

Pharma Corporates

If you are a healthcare corporate, you want to develop innovative digital solutions around your brands and accelerate their adoption by users, Lichen Health supports you in your digital transformation.

  • Internal acculturation of the company to startups’ agility 
  • Implementation of acceleration program for e-health start-ups
  • Development of strategic collaborations

Latest Achievements with Corporates:

  • Prevent2Care Accelerator Lead in Health Prevention in Partnership with managed by INCO, the New Economy Incubator and in partnering with Pfizer Innovation France and  the Foundation of Ramsay Santé
  • Pfizer Healthcare Hub accelerator lead in partnership with the Brain Institute and its incubator iPEPS.

e-Health Startups

You have a project in HealthTech and need advice to develop, create value and scale up, Lichen Health is here to help you grow in symbiosis with your ecosystem, support you in your fundraising, establish the fundamentals of a strategic collaboration. Ultimately, provide you with a day-to-day operational support.

  • Establish a roadmap, define a concrete and lucid objective consistent with the business strategic plan
  • Apply these objectives to the team, implement a performance and monitoring plan
  • Support your Business Development activities
  • Setting up experiments with our your Partners and Clinicians
  • Define your KOLs management plan, manage an Advisory Board
  • Prepare a deal, help in the negotiation of collaboration with Hospitals, Academics and Corporates
  • Prepare your Investor’s Pitch
  • Prepare your Partner’s Pitch

Latest Achievements with Startups:

  • Research partnership between Pfizer and CYTOO in the field of rare muscle disorders
  • 4 accelerated startups with the Pfizer Healthcare Hub
  • 20 accelerated startups with the Prevent2Care Lab

A project in e-health or in Deeptech
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